Investment to Accelerate Radically Disruptive Cybersecurity Solutions & Expand Global Headquarters to North America


San Francisco, Calif., March 14, 2018 – Solebit, a transformative cyber security company delivering ground-breaking and the most effective evasion proof approach to the identification and prevention of zero-day malware and unknown threats, today announced the closing of an $11 million Series A funding round led by ClearSky Security. Solebit will leverage these funds to accelerate adoption and deployment of the SoleGATE Security Platform, and immediate growth in sales and marketing capabilities as Solebit establishes its new global headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. Additional investors participating in this funding round include MassMutual Ventures and Glilot Capital Partners.

Targeted attacks continue to grow at an exponential pace through a variety of vectors. Other than Solebit’s patented technology, there are no other commercially available technologies and approaches in the market today that enable evasion-proof real-time detection and prevention of embedded malicious code.

“Solebit provides the most effective, real-time, and accurate cyber-attack prevention platform that is incredibly simple to use, integrate and manage,” said Peter Kuper, Managing Director, ClearSky Security. “As organizations struggle to better manage risk against unknown threats, Solebit is ideally positioned to be a trusted partner to both enterprise and large-scale security vendors as they contend with ever increasingly sophisticated attackers. We are confident that Solebit has identified an attractive growth market that is currently suffering from ineffective sandbox technologies.  Our investment will augment Solebit’s world-class team of engineering, sales and customer care professionals to further promote its standing amongst the world’s great cyber security companies.”

Most modern cyber-attacks use data files to take advantage of vulnerabilities and active content (macros, JavaScript, etc.) to deliver malicious code into the organization. The SoleGATE Security Platform is anchored by DvC™, a patented, real-time, signature-less engine, which conclusively identifies malware threats regardless of evasion technique, file type, operating system, and client-side application whether on-premise or in the cloud. The Solebit engine processes millions of transactions every day and does not rely on heuristics, patterns or behaviors, which makes it evasion-proof for today’s modern attacks and future ready as well.

“Attackers still possess the edge, particularly in zero-day attacks, despite considerable security investment,” said Boris Vaynberg, CEO of Solebit. “DvC™ assumes that there is no legitimate reason for executable code to be present in any data file. DvC™ also accurately identifies and blocks malicious active content using advanced flow analysis, de-obfuscation techniques and deep content evaluation, to reveal threat intent within any data file covering machine, operating system and application levels, thereby rendering such sandbox-evading malware harmless to the enterprise.”

About Solebit

Solebit provides the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective approach for the identification and prevention of zero-day malware and unknown threats. Solebit was founded in 2014 by a team of world-class cyber security experts, all graduates of the elite technology units in the Israel Defense Forces with years of experience in offensive and defensive security. It counts a variety of leading US and European financial organizations, tech, defense contractors, security vendors, cloud and telecom service providers as active customers. For more information, please visit


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