Service Providers

Evolved Business Requirements

In today competitive climate Enterprise Customers expect variety and more advanced services in areas such as infrastructure, operations, and cyber security. Service Providers, on the other hand, face a formidable challenge in defending against advanced cyber-attacks. To protect their customers’ networks, they require a high-speed solution with minimal latency which will minimize end user impact. At the same time, infrastructure investment must be controlled, even though network bandwidth continues to grow rapidly. Therefore, service providers are still using old-time technologies like Anti-Virus to provide security services.

SoleGATE™ Improves Service Providers Security Offering

The SoleGATE platform takes Service Providers to the next level of cyber security, by providing a technology that combines detection of advanced threats and zero-days with unmatched performance and low computing resources requirements. Service Providers can now offer their customers real time protection against advanced cyber threats over different vectors.

Comprehensive Coverage

SoleGATE detects and prevents across a broad threat landscape and attack vectors with unmatched detection rate. Since the SoleGATE platform is agnostic to the end-customer’s operating systems, client-side applications or file types, it allows the Service Providers the flexibility to offer one technology and one solution to a variety of end-customers.

Flexible Deployment Scheme

The SoleGATE platform can be deployed in different ways to fully meet a wide range of needs.

  • Public Cloud – support all major cloud infrastructure and compute Service Providers
  • Virtual Machine – supported hypervisors – VMware, Hyper-V, KVM & QEMU
  • Containers
    • Vendor’s private cloud
    • Vendor’s on-prem appliances

SoleGATE provides unlimited scalability, allowing horizontal scaling as needed to meet volume and performance needs.

Easy Integration

Integration is simple with the SoleGATE platform using the SoleGATE restful API or using the SoleGATE SDK. The SoleGATE platform also includes a built-in sniffing interface and integration with Next Gen Firewalls.


The SoleGATE platform requires less hardware resources and almost no management – just integrate with it and start using it immediately.

Multi-Layer Defense (CPU, OS, Application)

The SoleGATE platform is using Multi-Tier protection to defend against attacks at different levels of the stack. This comprehensive approach is as powerful as evasion techniques and may spread across different layers. The solution protects against advanced malware by using Solebit’s deep inspection that analyzes commands at the CPU level, all the way up to the application level, analyzing macros and embedded JavaScripts in Microsoft office or any other data file types.

Use Cases Examples

The SoleGATE platform enables Internet Service Providers to provide advanced security services such as:

Email Security

Organization’s working environments have evolved significantly in the past decade, yet email is still the best way to reach employees in organizations, that is why cyber attackers use email as a primary method to infiltrate the network. Close to 80% of targeted attacks continue to reach victims through email to compromise your network. With the SoleGATE platform, Service Providers can offer email protection as a service for their customers, detecting and blocking advanced cyber threats in emails and attachments before they even reach customer networks. Providing their customers with email traffic clean of advanced cyber threats.


Web Security

Files from the web continue to possess a potential threat for every organization. As long as users are downloading files from the web they are exposed to malware infections caused by malicious files. The SoleGATE platform can analyze each file, detecting and blocking malicious files in real time. Even if it is a zero-day or unknown threat, it will be detected by the SoleGATE DvC engine. With the SoleGATE platform Service Providers can offer web protection as a service for their customers, ensuring only clean files from the web will be allowed to their customer.