Security Vendors

Security vendors are expected to provide advanced and unknown cyber threats detection capabilities in their security products and security cloud service offerings. Sandbox technology is the common technology that is currently the de-facto standard for security vendors to get advanced cyber threats detection. However, when using sandbox technology, security vendors are facing challenges such as poor performance that is not enough to provide real time prevention for their end customers, enormous computing resources required to incorporate sandboxing in their offering, and detection related challenges due-to known sandbox evasion techniques. All of which translates directly into higher costs and lower service level agreements for their customers.

SoleGATE™ Improves Security Vendor Collective Offerings

The SoleGATE platform for security vendors provides one technology to deliver unmatched detection of advanced malware and wide coverage for all relevant security vendors’ products and services. This enables security vendors to provide real time advanced threat prevention for their customers, while requiring low hardware footprint and low management efforts to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

SoleGATE can replace current sandboxing technology the security vendor is using, or working in co-existence with the current sandboxing technology being used in order to offload large volumes from the sandbox.

Comprehensive Coverage

SoleGATE detects and prevents across a broad threat landscape and attack vectors with unmatched detection rate. Regardless of the security vendor’s customer’s operating systems, client-side application or file type.

Flexible Deployment

The SoleGATE platform can be deployed in different ways to fully meet each security vendor needs:

  • Public Cloud – support all major cloud infrastructure and compute service providers
  • Virtual machine – supported hypervisors – VMware, Hyper-V, KVM & QEMU
  • Containers – the only advanced cyber-threats solution that can be deployed as a software container on vendor’s services and products.
  • Vendor’s private cloud
  • Vendor’s on-prem appliances

Seamless Integration

Simple integration with SoleGATE platform is done using the SoleGATE restful API or using the SoleGATE SDK.


The SoleGATE platform requires less hardware resources and almost no management – just integrate with it and start using it immediately.

Agnostic to End Customers Environment

The platform is agnostic to file type, client-side application type, or client operating system used within the vendor’s end-customer organization. Unlike a Sandbox which has to simulate the customer’s environment, SoleGATE provides protection regardless of operating system, CPU architecture, and function (client, server) of the targeted machine.

Multi-Layer Defense (CPU, OS, Application)

The SoleGATE platform is using Multi-Tier protection to defend against attacks at different levels of the stack. This comprehensive approach is powerful, as evasion techniques may spread across different layers. The solution protects against advanced malware by using Solebit’s deep inspection that analyzes commands at the CPU level, all the way up to the application level analyzing macros and embedded JavaScripts in Microsoft office or any other data file types.

Use Cases

SoleGATE protects tens of millions of security vendors’ end customers

  • CASB – 1st solution to enable CASB vendors to provide real time advanced threats protection functionality for the assets that they manage and protect
  • Web Security – Enable large web security vendors to offer real time advanced threat protection on the web
  • Cloud Application – Provide cloud application vendors with seamless integration to provide real time advanced cyber threat detection services
  • Endpoint Security – Integration with vendors’ endpoint solutions, using SDK, to provide real time advanced threat detection services