Digital transformation is a challenge for Enterprise organizations, and a multifaceted and fragmented technological landscape makes it even more crucial to fully protect Enterprise assets.

Today’s Enterprise networks are no longer defined by its perimeters, with services that span public and private environments, diverse infrastructure underlays, and a growing number of application options and sources.

SoleGATE™ had been planned with the right degree of flexibility to deliver end-to-end security across a changing threat landscape that could be initiated from different attack vectors such as: email, web, and cloud office applications. It is agnostic to the underlying infrastructure implemented and is able to protect in hybrid environments with a mix of virtual, hardware, and XaaS-consumed infrastructure. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, SoleGATE operates consistently, totally separating environment variables from security logic. Managed centrally, SoleGATE gives customers the flexibility and consistency to have a truly end-to-end security that is not restricted to a certain vertical.

Protection at the Data Level

Traditional malware protection, like next generation firewalls, sandboxing and application security apply network, behavior, and application analysis in an effort to identify malicious intent, but don’t actually analyze the data which is being transferred. The SoleGATE approach introduces a new paradigm in malware protection by looking at the data which is being abused in most cases by attackers to inject malware. This approach brings detection accuracy to new levels and as such yields better results than any other method.

Detect Evasive Malware That Other Tools Miss

SoleGATE Enterprise delivers unmatched detection of advanced malware that was developed by hackers to defeat Enterprise security tools that can compromise your network. Unlike Sandboxing technologies, SoleGATE Enterprise delivers complete visibility into advanced malware, enabling you to respond rapidly to malicious activity before it results in a damaging data breach.

Comprehensive Coverage

SoleGATE detects and prevents across a broad threat landscape and attack vectors such as email, non-executable web downloads and B2B e-commerce—whether on-premise or in the cloud—regardless of the operating system, client-side application or file type.


SoleGATE is available on-premise or in the cloud or in virtually any combination thereof. It does not need an investment in additional hardware or software, and is easily adoptable by small, medium and large Enterprises. It installs in minutes and operates without the need for additional dedicated cyber security experts.

Agnostic to Environment

The platform is agnostic to file type, client-side application type, or the client operating system used within the organization. Unlike a Sandbox which has to simulate specific customer environments, SoleGATE provides protection regardless of operating system, CPU architecture, and function (client, server) of the targeted machine.

Multi-Layer Defense (CPU, OS, Application)

The Solebit solution is using Multi-Tier protection to defend against attacks at different levels of the stack. This comprehensive approach is powerful, as evasion techniques may spread across different layers. The solution protects against advanced malware by using Solebit deep inspection that analyzes commands at the CPU level, all the way up to the application level, analyzing macros and embedded JavaScripts in Microsoft office or any other data file types.

SoleGATE provides seamless prevention across all environments with no dependencies or customizations. The solution is agnostic to client applications or operating systems.

SoleGATE for Email

The majority of targeted attacks continue to reach victims through email to compromise your network. Main threats include: Spear Phishing, Ransomware, and credential Theft. The SoleGATE platform protects Enterprise environments from threats in real time, keeping email flowing with no delays.

Solebit advanced threat protection for email comes with a set of features and built-in mechanisms to prevent attacks. Once a threat had been identified it would be isolated, and automatically quarantined, preventing any access from end users and protecting the organization from additional risks.

SoleGATE supports both on-premise mail system deployments and cloud email as Office365 and GSuite.

SoleGATE for Web

Malware infections caused by malicious URLs and websites occur daily. Drive-by downloads install ransomware and other malicious code without your users’ knowledge. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), sandboxes, and other “advanced” security tools can detect basic threats from dangerous websites, but they are unable to detect evasive malware.

SoleGATE for web apply unique patented technology to analyze web pages and its content this includes, java scripts, data files, images and other types of web objects that may potentially leveraged by attackers to penetrate your organization.

SoleGATE for Cloud

As Enterprise organizations shift towards cloud-based operations, many of the traditional office tools are being consumed as a service. Organizations should not compromise with their security standards and would need similar security levels as if on premise. SoleGATE for Cloud can be installed and operate in various manners and in the cloud as well. SoleGATE can be plugged to different services including Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox and so on.