Disruptive, Effective, Modern Cyber Protection

SoleGATE™ is the disruptive cyber protection software platform by Solebit, challenging the norms of currently available technologies that rely on slow, costly and mostly outdated, ineffective methods of sandboxing, signatures and behavioral inspection. No sandboxing necessary. Find out how it works.


You benefit from instantaneous protection using modern evasion-proof, signature-less, patented technology to address today’s broad threat landscape without the overhead, guesswork, prediction or latency.

Whether in the form of ransomware, spyware, trojans, rootkits or any other type of malware yet to be defined, SoleGATE will conclusively and in realtime, identify and block the malicious code from infiltrating your organization that other solutions such as sandboxes cannot even detect.

Why SoleGATE

Advanced Architecture

Eliminates evasion techniques by systematically analyzing all code path and execution traversals to detect sophisticated attacks that can bypass other technologies, which depend on dynamic analysis.

Conclusive Results

Get a simple, accurate and deterministic yes/no result with detailed metadata for deep forensic analysis.

Broad Applicability

Easy to use REST API for extensibility, scale and integration into your organization’s IT ecosystem and 3rd-party providers.

Realtime Protection

Automatic prevention in a matter of milliseconds with no impact on user experience, all while using far fewer resources than earlier generation and competing cyberprotection technologies.

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