How it Works

SoleGATE is a cyber protection software platform by Solebit, providing comprehensive coverage for advanced cyber attacks against your organization, in real time. Using evasion-proof, signature-less, patented technology, SoleGATE instantaneously detects any malicious code entering your organization and blocks it conclusively.

Virtually Impenetrable

Solebit Advanced Threat Protection detects the advanced malware that other tools miss.

While a Sandbox has O/S visibility only and is dependent on specific versions, Solebit uses static evaluation, which is faster, more accurate, not OS version dependent and covers 100% of code, with complete visibility.  With Solebit every line of code is evaluated, making Sandbox evasion techniques ineffective. On average, Solebit analysis time is between milliseconds up to a few seconds. Network Sandboxes typically take 5-15 minutes to perform the same analysis.

Deep malware inspection at the CPU-level, where exploits cannot hide

Using deep inspection and analysis methods SoleGATE is able to interpret and detect code in real time and immediately block threats from penetrating your organizationDvC™ has no assumptions on threat heuristics and behavior, and assumes that there is no legitimate reason for executable code to be present in a data file, it relies solely on identifying code existence on non-executables files.



Inspect a broad range of documents and common file-types

Solebit Advanced Threat Protection for Email secures a wide range of the most common document types used in organizations today, from Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point, media files, and Adobe PDFs to Archive files.

Detect malicious active content, exploits and phishing in real time

The SoleGATE platform implements an interpretative process which generates flows of execution; conditional branches are split and evaluated both dependently and independently. Even lines of code which are not being executed would be evaluated, overcoming the flaws of Sandboxing which depends on code being executed in order to identify any malicious actions.


Low upgrades frequency

Since Solebit is signature-free, there’s no need for constant daily updates. The system can handle older and newer variants without the need to learn/improve.


Blocks malicious URLs embedded in emails and attachments

SoleGATE applies unique heuristics and analyzes web pages and its content; this includes: java scripts, data files, images and other types of web objects that may potentially be leveraged by attackers to penetrate your organization.

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