April 2018 by Marc Jacob

Solebit has become an ecosystem partner of Gigamon Inc., to help organizations improve their security stance. As a result of this partnership, Gigamon customers can easily test and implement the Solebit next generation advanced cyber threat prevention solution which provides signature-less zero-day protection. The Solebit SoleGATE™ solution is both faster and more accurate than traditional network “sandbox” solutions.

Leveraging an innovative non-behavioral approach to cybersecurity protection, Solebit’s solution rapidly detects code in data files to overcome limitations in existing dynamic-analysis methods. The SoleGATE Security Platform is anchored by DvC™, a patented, real-time, signature-less engine, which conclusively identifies malware threats regardless of evasion technique, file type, operating system, and client-side application whether on-premise or in the cloud. When integrated with the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, the SoleGATE can be easily implemented in both monitor and blocking modes.

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